Sunday, 28 October 2012

Youtube Meet Up

This Saturday I was lucky enough to attend a YouTube meet up with Alfie, Zoe and Louise in Abington Park, Northampton.
It was arranged a few days before, which meant only a few of their subscribers could come; around 200 people came to meet Alfie, Zoe and Louise. My two best friends came with me; Laura who is equally a fan of them and Ellie who only watches a few of them – this meant she would be in charge of the camera.
Although we were standing outside for a couple of hours in the freezing cold, it was definitely worth it! They were all very friendly and easy to talk to, it was lovely talking and chilling with them after watching so many of their videos. I really enjoyed the day and hope to meet them again in the near future!
Here are a few of the pictures from the meet up
Louise – sprinkleofglitter
Zoe – zoella280390
Tiyana – Tiyana Talks
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