Saturday, 29 December 2012

OOTD #2 A Christmas Feel

 Last night myself and my family spent the evening with a few of our friends who live round the corner; it was a really fun night and I got the chance to take a couple of pictures before we went so I could show you what I was wearing. I received the dress for Christmas from my parents and I really love how it looks on me and I think it suits my figure; it is from Topshop and you can find the black one here (I unfortunately couldn’t find the actual one I am wearing online which is a plumy, purple colour). I paired this dress with black tights from Primark and my black suede Chelsea boots from River Island. I did not pair any jewellery with this outfit as I wanted it to look simple however if I was going to a party or somewhere other than a friend’s house I would of worn my cross ring and worn black heels.

Thursday, 27 December 2012

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year

Just a quick post to say that I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas with your loved ones and that there was many memories that were made! I hope you received some lovely gifts and ate lots of yummy food! I hope you are all enjoying the Christmas period and have a lovely new year! Will see all you lovely people in 2013 :)

Saturday, 15 December 2012

The Christmas Tag!

Image from Tumblr
I keep seeing this tag floating around so thought it was my turn to do it
1.   What is your favourite thing about Christmas?
My favourite thing about Christmas is definitely spending time with my family. I also love choosing and buying gifts for all of the important people in my life such as friends and family; I try to put a lot of thought and effort into my gifts so the person receiving will love it.
2.   What is your favourite makeup look for the festive season?
I love getting ready and doing my makeup around the Christmas period as well as on Christmas day. I love to wear a glittery eye look with a bold red lip.
3.   Real of fake tree?
We usually have a real tree at Christmas time especially if we have visitors (just like we will this year) however if we are spending Christmas with family away from home, we have our artificial tree which is just as nice as a real tree (minus the lovely pine scent)
4.   Giving or receiving presents?
I love giving presents and seeing peoples faces as they open them however I cant lie.. I do love receiving them too :)
5. Do you open your presents in the morning or evening?
I open my gifts from my parents and vice versa on Christmas morning and then we open gifts from my other family such as aunties and uncles after our Christmas meal at lunch.
6. Handmade or bought Christmas cards?
Both! I like to be creative and make Christmas cards for my parents however usually just go for the bought ones which are equally as nice I think
7. What is your favourite Christmas film?
I haven’t watched that many Christmas films however I would have to say the classic Elf or the Grinch would be my favourite
8. What is your favourite Christmas food!
As like many other people, I really look forward to the Christmas dinner (especially when my mum makes it) however I also love eating the many tubs of chocolate we receive on the day.
I tag Honestly Tay and LauraPayne17 and anyone else who would like to do it!

Wednesday, 12 December 2012


 I already have a couple of W7 nail polishes however wanted more to add to my collection so around a month ago I picked this one up as I thought it was a perfect autumnal/Christmassy colour.

In different lights, it can look a sparkly black, pink, blue or green colour; sometimes when wearing it the light catches my nails in a certain way and the polish has a galaxy/space feel to it which as you may know, at the moment, is high on trend.
I would love to add more of these polishes to my collection as they have a variety of colours with a few special gems like this hidden amongst them. Unfortunately I do not live near a discount makeup shop where these are usually found however if you are looking to buy them in bulk; they can be found in TK Maxx.
Metallic Jupiter - Buy Here

Monday, 10 December 2012

Barry M Giveaway Winner

Before I announce the winner of my Barry M giveaway, I just wanted to thank each and every one of you for taking your time to follow/comment and enter the giveaway! It truly does make me so happy that I have all of you supporting me :) Unfortunately there was only one winner for this giveaway however I hope that none of you are disheartened as there will be many more giveaways in the future.

The winner of the two Barry M products is ...
Hannah Collins
Congratulations on winning Hannah! I will email you about the colours/shades you would like and then get your prizes sent off to you as soon as possible! If Hannah does not get back to me within 4 days, another winner will be generated so keep your eyes pealed :)
Disclaimer - link to the Rafflecopter giveaway winner

Tuesday, 4 December 2012

November Favourites

I have rediscovered quite a few products this month so thought I would do my first monthly favourites post. I will try my best to post them every month however if I don’t please don’t hold a grudge against me :)
The first product or products I have been loving this month are two nail polishes; the Nails Inc Nail Polish in Tate, and the Barry M Nail Paint in 351 Yellow Topaz Glitter. Both of these nail polishes are autumnal/Christmassy colours which is one of the reasons I have been wearing them; they also look lovely separate as well as worn together. Overall I would give these 4/5
The next product I have loved this month is the Covergirl Lash Blast Volume Waterproof Mascara in ‘very black’. I picked this mascara up in the summer when I went to America and have been using it ever since; it creates long full lashes which I usually go for. I would give this mascara 5/5 and cannot wait to pick a couple more up when I go to San Francisco in February.
I have just started using the Soap and Glory hand food again this month as it’s starting to get colder meaning my hands have been getting dryer. This hand cream is the best I have ever tried; it keeps my hands moisturised for hours after I have applied it! I recommend this hand cream and give it 5/5
The last two products I have been loving are from Lush; I used to have quite a big obsession with Lush however recently haven’t been using their products until this month! First, the Breath of Fresh Air Skin Toner; this toner is great for taking off face makeup and gives a refreshing feel to my skin. It smells ‘Lush’ with a clean but fragranced scent. The next product is the Vanilla Dee-Lite Body Lotion; again this product is great for the dry skin that comes with winter! It smells amazing and the scent lingers on my skin for the rest of the day! I give both of these products 4/5
If anyone would like separate, more in detail reviews on any of the products, just comment down below and I will try my best to do them for you :)

Monday, 3 December 2012


 I haven’t used this nail polish for a while as its quite an autumnal/wintery colour however I thought I would wear it again as I remembered how much I loved wearing it last Christmas! I have a few of the Lasting Fix Nail Polishes by 17 as they do what they say on the label – don’t chip for about 5 days which for me is pretty impressive; also for the inexpensive price of £2.99 you can’t go wrong! The one I’m wearing today is in the colour Smoke Signal; it is a mattish dark gunmetal grey colour!

You can purchase the nail polish here, also at the moment it is on offer for £2
Don’t forget to enter my giveaway
You can enter it here
Thankyou for reading and Have a lovely Christmas!
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Sunday, 2 December 2012

I Wish I Had A Case..

I dropped my IPhone this morning onto my bathroom floor, and unlike many times that I have accidently done it before, this time the screen unfortunately decided to shatter. Now it didn’t shatter in just the corner, it shattered from the bottom right hand corner throughout the screen; fortunately I can still use it however I am a bit weary as I don’t want to get glass into my hand.

Now what inspired me to do this post, was that if I had of had my case on my phone, it probably wouldn’t have shattered when I dropped it. I do have a few phone cases, however like to change them around so that’s why I didn’t have one on at the time; I thought I would show you a few favourite phone cases I have had my eye on recently! Also, carrying on with the Christmas related posts, phone cases are great gifts to give to parents, friends, girlfriends and boyfriends etc.

The cases I’m about to show you, range from low prices to higher prices however depending on how much you like the case or how much you want to pay for it but here is just a selection of the types I like.
Galaxy iPhone Case - £36.25 - (Zazzle)
Tiger Diamante iPhone Case - £15.00 (River Island)
Sunset Aztec Pattern iPhone Case - £33.85 (Zazzle)
Mini Dot iPhone Case - £24.95 (Cath Kidston)
Moonshine Print iPhone Case - £8 (Topshop)
Black Vintage Retro Music Player - £1.85 (Ebay)
Thankyou for reading, hope you all have a lovely Christmas! :)
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Tuesday, 27 November 2012

What to buy Her for Christmas

Hello Everyone :) So Christmas is just around the corner and I know how stressful Christmas shopping can be; what to buy who, what would they like, would they use it etc.! I know I always find it difficult thinking of what to buy my Mum/Auntie/Best Friend, so I thought I would help you lovely people by writing a blog post on 'what to buy her for Christmas'
1. Makeup: Makeup is a great gift for the females in your life (unless they do not wear makeup of course) Many brands bring out sets around Christmas time which make perfect gifts. For example, Urban Decay's Naked Palette would make any girl smile if it was under the tree (in fact I'm actually asking for it for Christmas)
2. Ipad Mini: Depending on your price range, the new Ipad mini would be a great gift to open on Christmas day; a great gadget for on the go and perfect handbag size!
3. Vouchers: Vouchers are the easiest present to give; you can pick the amount you want to give and for what store. There are also gift vouchers which include a variety of stores which would be a good option as the person receiving has a choice in where they want to spend it.
4. Perfume: As well as makeup, perfume is also a great gift idea. Just find out your Mums/Friends favourite perfume and buy it for them. My favourite perfume is Lovestruck by Vera Wang and My mums is Cinema by YSL!
5. Spa Days: Gifts such as Spa days and beauty treatments would be a thoughtful gift for any female in your life; to make this gift even more personal, you could book for her and yourself to enjoy together. Beauty treatments such as Manicures, Massages and Pedicures would be great options!
6. Photo: For a more personalised and inexpensive gift, why not print a photo and find a nice frame?; this really cute frame I found from paperchase! You could even create a college of memories which would result in a big smile on Christmas day!

I hope you all enjoyed reading this post and if you have any other ideas on what to buy her for Christmas just comment down below :)
Have a lovely Christmas!
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Sunday, 25 November 2012

Guest Post: Current Obsessions

Hello : ) My names Laura and if you would like to see more of me then definitely go and follow my blog! When Olivia asked me if i wanted to do a guest blog post, I instantly said yes!
Ok don’t hate me; I think I went a little hipster this month. I love looking at pictures on Tumblr and just wish I could find clothes like the ones in the photos and look like the people in the photos. One day I went into Topshop and I guess it released my inner hipster, which I am not ashamed at all. This time when I walked into Topshop, I knew i could actually buy something (I had a voucher and money from my birthday) I took full advantage and grabbed a bunch of stuff to try on; Each one I loved but I held myself back. I saw Zoella from YouTube with a ‘Geek’T-Shirt on and loved it instantly. My sister had told me about the jumper version they had of it and when I saw it in my local Topshop I knew I just had to purchase it. I tried it on and fell in love; I liked the fact that it was baggy so it would be comfy. I went for the grey one with the black writing due to the fact that it was the only colour they had however I am planning on getting the red and green version as well. I thought that the jumper was quite a reasonable price for Topshop at £28 and the quality of it is really nice as well. Ever since I bought it I have worn it every day, I just don’t’ want to let it go. I am actually currently wearing it whilst I am writing this blog post!
Another obsession of mine would have to be the beanies that me and my sister purchased from H&M a couple of weeks ago. I do have quite a lot of knitted hats but they are all berets and even though they are lovely the size of them does put me of wearing them. I wanted a hat which had more of looseness to it and was bigger so it would just flop at the back. I found that prefect one in H&M, My sister went for the popular burgundy colour, I decided to be a bit more daring and get the teal colour which I don’t have a lot of. To be honest I have worn the burgundy one more but I equally love the teal one. They cost £7.99 each which is quite expensive for a hat but considering how much use I’m going to get out of them in these coming winter months I thinks it’s a good price. I like to wear them two ways, one way is I just put it on my head and pull it down so it sags and it covers my fringe. I tend to favour this one more because my fringe is the same length as the rest of my hair so it just tends to get in the way. The other way I wear it is with my fringe out just to show that I am a girl and I would usually do this if I had my hair in a plait or if it was curled. Over all I love the hats and can’t wait to wear them in the coming future.
 A big thanks to Laura for doing this post on my blog! Please please please go and join her blog!! If anyone else is interested in doing a guest post on blog then just send me a quick message :)  
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Saturday, 17 November 2012

Barry M Nail and Lip Paint Giveaway (Finished)

*A Small Giveaway to say how much i appreciate all of the support, views and follows i have* 
I have been wanting to do a giveaway for a while now, however was unsure what to give away! I finally thought of a couple of my favourite products; a Barry M Nail and Lip Paint. Instead of choosing a specific colour, I have decided to let the winner pick which colours they would like as everyone is different and likes different shades. The Giveaway will end just under a month (23 days) so hopefully the winner will recieve their prizes before Christmas!
You can have a browse of the colours here:
If you are entering there are a few mandatory requirements
1. Follow/Join My Blog
2. Leave your email address so i can contact you if you win
Now for extra chances of winning, just follow the steps on the Rafflecopter and Good Luck!

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Tuesday, 13 November 2012

Jewellery Haul

Recently, I have been purchasing a few jewellery pieces to add to my collection; as you will see I have been a tad obsessed with crosses. I have a preference for gold jewellery so that is the reason all of these pieces are gold; gold tends to go with a lot of my clothing and also my makeup as I usually tend to gravitate towards gold’s and topes.
The first piece is a gold beaded collar type necklace; I purchased this from Dorothy Perkins in the sale for £2. I usually style this necklace with sheer shirts with the top button done up or sometimes to jazz up a plain top.
These bracelets were purchased from Dorothy Perkins also; they were reduced from £7.50 to £3.75. These bracelets caught my eye as they are quite dainty and delicate; so far I have only worn the gold cross however I do like the other two as well.
The next item is a cross and skull dangly earing; unfortunately I only have one as I misplaced the other one however I have worn just one as I have two piecing’s in one ear. These were purchased in the Topshop sale for £2.50.
The rose gold ring was purchased from Topshop also, for £4. This is one of my favourite pieces; I wear it on my thumb and think it looks quite cool :)
The last items are a set of 5 earrings; these were purchased from Topshop for a very reasonable price of £2.50.
Let me know if you liked any of these pieces :)
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Saturday, 10 November 2012

Lush's Twilight Bath Ballistic

A couple of years ago you could have called me obsessed! However not having been to a Lush store in just under a year meant that my love for Lush had sort of been forgotten! But.... A few weeks ago I got the chance to pay my favourite store a visit!
I picked up a bath ballistic which I had not tried before; it smelt divine and I was lucky enough to see it in action before I bought it. I was intrigued by the colours and the glitter that appeared in the demonstration so I just knew I had to purchase it! As you can tell by the title and the pictures, I bought the well-known Twilight Bath Ballistic! It was retailed at £3.20 which I thought was quite expensive for a bath bomb I was likely to use once, however I had wanted to try it for a while so I just went for it! It has a strong scent of vanilla which is one of my favourite scents, as well as slight undertones of lavender andcitrus. 
After running the water, I tossed the bath ballistic into the bath; like other Lush bath ballistics it instantly fizzed to reveal a vibrant pink colour followed by a sky blue colour. The photo above I grabbed from the Lush website; although the bath ballistic did not create as many bubbles and foam as shown in the picture, the bright colours were created just as in the photo. I noticed a lot of glitter floating around in the water which some people may find annoying however it washed away perfectly fine and there wasn’t any left in the bath although a couple of days later I did find some specs on my skin.
Nethertheless I really enjoyed using this bath ballistic; definitely one to try.

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Thursday, 8 November 2012

Get The Look: Taylor Swift

Recently I have been loving Taylor Swift’s new single ‘Red’ and especially loving what she is wearing in it. Taylor’s style is right up my street; girly yet sophisticated. I have created a ‘get the look’ outfit for all you girls who like me, love her style and appearance.  

I was browsing on the Topshop website when I saw this creamshirt with the black trim; this is what inspired me to write this post. The shirt is quite pricy at £45 however if you looked around a bit I’m sure you could find something a little bit cheaper. 
I found the high waisted black shorts in River Island for a reasonable price of £25; they are a very flattering cut which would complement many body shapes.
The next item which I chose for this look was Taylor’s blackhat; in the photo it was hard to tell whether she was wearing a bowler or a pork pie hat. For this look I chose the pork pie hat from Topshop retailed at £25.
The last item I found for the look are Tan Lace up Brogues from Dorothy Perkins.   Again these are retailed at £25 which is reasonable for a good pair of shoes; obviously due to the price, they are not leather however if you are wanting leather brogues Schuh have some similar ones.
Would you wear this? Let me know :)
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