Sunday, 25 November 2012

Guest Post: Current Obsessions

Hello : ) My names Laura and if you would like to see more of me then definitely go and follow my blog! When Olivia asked me if i wanted to do a guest blog post, I instantly said yes!
Ok don’t hate me; I think I went a little hipster this month. I love looking at pictures on Tumblr and just wish I could find clothes like the ones in the photos and look like the people in the photos. One day I went into Topshop and I guess it released my inner hipster, which I am not ashamed at all. This time when I walked into Topshop, I knew i could actually buy something (I had a voucher and money from my birthday) I took full advantage and grabbed a bunch of stuff to try on; Each one I loved but I held myself back. I saw Zoella from YouTube with a ‘Geek’T-Shirt on and loved it instantly. My sister had told me about the jumper version they had of it and when I saw it in my local Topshop I knew I just had to purchase it. I tried it on and fell in love; I liked the fact that it was baggy so it would be comfy. I went for the grey one with the black writing due to the fact that it was the only colour they had however I am planning on getting the red and green version as well. I thought that the jumper was quite a reasonable price for Topshop at £28 and the quality of it is really nice as well. Ever since I bought it I have worn it every day, I just don’t’ want to let it go. I am actually currently wearing it whilst I am writing this blog post!
Another obsession of mine would have to be the beanies that me and my sister purchased from H&M a couple of weeks ago. I do have quite a lot of knitted hats but they are all berets and even though they are lovely the size of them does put me of wearing them. I wanted a hat which had more of looseness to it and was bigger so it would just flop at the back. I found that prefect one in H&M, My sister went for the popular burgundy colour, I decided to be a bit more daring and get the teal colour which I don’t have a lot of. To be honest I have worn the burgundy one more but I equally love the teal one. They cost £7.99 each which is quite expensive for a hat but considering how much use I’m going to get out of them in these coming winter months I thinks it’s a good price. I like to wear them two ways, one way is I just put it on my head and pull it down so it sags and it covers my fringe. I tend to favour this one more because my fringe is the same length as the rest of my hair so it just tends to get in the way. The other way I wear it is with my fringe out just to show that I am a girl and I would usually do this if I had my hair in a plait or if it was curled. Over all I love the hats and can’t wait to wear them in the coming future.
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