Saturday, 10 November 2012

Lush's Twilight Bath Ballistic

A couple of years ago you could have called me obsessed! However not having been to a Lush store in just under a year meant that my love for Lush had sort of been forgotten! But.... A few weeks ago I got the chance to pay my favourite store a visit!
I picked up a bath ballistic which I had not tried before; it smelt divine and I was lucky enough to see it in action before I bought it. I was intrigued by the colours and the glitter that appeared in the demonstration so I just knew I had to purchase it! As you can tell by the title and the pictures, I bought the well-known Twilight Bath Ballistic! It was retailed at £3.20 which I thought was quite expensive for a bath bomb I was likely to use once, however I had wanted to try it for a while so I just went for it! It has a strong scent of vanilla which is one of my favourite scents, as well as slight undertones of lavender andcitrus. 
After running the water, I tossed the bath ballistic into the bath; like other Lush bath ballistics it instantly fizzed to reveal a vibrant pink colour followed by a sky blue colour. The photo above I grabbed from the Lush website; although the bath ballistic did not create as many bubbles and foam as shown in the picture, the bright colours were created just as in the photo. I noticed a lot of glitter floating around in the water which some people may find annoying however it washed away perfectly fine and there wasn’t any left in the bath although a couple of days later I did find some specs on my skin.
Nethertheless I really enjoyed using this bath ballistic; definitely one to try.

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  1. wow...those bubbles look so pretty!! thanks for your lovely comments, we're following you :)

    Pretty Squared

  2. haven't tried any Lush products but this looks so pretty :D

    1. Yeah it is and smells really lovely too :) x

  3. Lovely blog! I am now a happy follower :)

    Love this post because every christmas my mum wants to get me something from LUSH and this year i didnt know what to get....but i now i do! haha this looks gorgeous so thank you :) xx

    1. Thankyou :) Yeah, i recommend it, its a lovely product!

      Olivia xx