Tuesday, 27 November 2012

What to buy Her for Christmas

Hello Everyone :) So Christmas is just around the corner and I know how stressful Christmas shopping can be; what to buy who, what would they like, would they use it etc.! I know I always find it difficult thinking of what to buy my Mum/Auntie/Best Friend, so I thought I would help you lovely people by writing a blog post on 'what to buy her for Christmas'
1. Makeup: Makeup is a great gift for the females in your life (unless they do not wear makeup of course) Many brands bring out sets around Christmas time which make perfect gifts. For example, Urban Decay's Naked Palette would make any girl smile if it was under the tree (in fact I'm actually asking for it for Christmas)
2. Ipad Mini: Depending on your price range, the new Ipad mini would be a great gift to open on Christmas day; a great gadget for on the go and perfect handbag size!
3. Vouchers: Vouchers are the easiest present to give; you can pick the amount you want to give and for what store. There are also gift vouchers which include a variety of stores which would be a good option as the person receiving has a choice in where they want to spend it.
4. Perfume: As well as makeup, perfume is also a great gift idea. Just find out your Mums/Friends favourite perfume and buy it for them. My favourite perfume is Lovestruck by Vera Wang and My mums is Cinema by YSL!
5. Spa Days: Gifts such as Spa days and beauty treatments would be a thoughtful gift for any female in your life; to make this gift even more personal, you could book for her and yourself to enjoy together. Beauty treatments such as Manicures, Massages and Pedicures would be great options!
6. Photo: For a more personalised and inexpensive gift, why not print a photo and find a nice frame?; this really cute frame I found from paperchase! You could even create a college of memories which would result in a big smile on Christmas day!

I hope you all enjoyed reading this post and if you have any other ideas on what to buy her for Christmas just comment down below :)
Have a lovely Christmas!
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  1. I loove the spa day idea, we did this for my mum's birthday xo

    1. Thankyou.. I liked the idea myself and will probably get one for my mum just like you :)

  2. Great post :) Love the idea of spa days. Think I might book something like that for my mum!


  3. Such cute ideas! Great list. Just started following you! xx