Sunday, 2 December 2012

I Wish I Had A Case..

I dropped my IPhone this morning onto my bathroom floor, and unlike many times that I have accidently done it before, this time the screen unfortunately decided to shatter. Now it didn’t shatter in just the corner, it shattered from the bottom right hand corner throughout the screen; fortunately I can still use it however I am a bit weary as I don’t want to get glass into my hand.

Now what inspired me to do this post, was that if I had of had my case on my phone, it probably wouldn’t have shattered when I dropped it. I do have a few phone cases, however like to change them around so that’s why I didn’t have one on at the time; I thought I would show you a few favourite phone cases I have had my eye on recently! Also, carrying on with the Christmas related posts, phone cases are great gifts to give to parents, friends, girlfriends and boyfriends etc.

The cases I’m about to show you, range from low prices to higher prices however depending on how much you like the case or how much you want to pay for it but here is just a selection of the types I like.
Galaxy iPhone Case - £36.25 - (Zazzle)
Tiger Diamante iPhone Case - £15.00 (River Island)
Sunset Aztec Pattern iPhone Case - £33.85 (Zazzle)
Mini Dot iPhone Case - £24.95 (Cath Kidston)
Moonshine Print iPhone Case - £8 (Topshop)
Black Vintage Retro Music Player - £1.85 (Ebay)
Thankyou for reading, hope you all have a lovely Christmas! :)
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Thankyou for reading :)


  1. oh geez! that looks really bad :/ if this happened to my iPhone i would be really upset! i use a bumper on mine and so far so good. maybe you should check those out instead?

    1. Yeah it is! But i am just going to get the screen replaced so hopefully it will all be fine :) haha, the most annoying thing is i have one of those cases.. it just wasnt on my phone at the time :/

  2. Arrgh, how sad :( I hope you dont hurt your hands :(


    Im doing a little giveaway on my blog, you can check it out

  3. I've had an iPhone since July and I bought an ugly generic case from the store I got the phone, but I've been looking to purchase (or send a link to someone needing to get me a Christmas gift ;]) one I really love since they can be kind of pricey. I ADORE the Aztec case! Going to have to email that one!!

    1. Yeah, i think cases do help to protect the phones and why not have a nice looking one :) I love the Aztec one also, think i may ask for it for christmas :)