Wednesday, 12 December 2012


 I already have a couple of W7 nail polishes however wanted more to add to my collection so around a month ago I picked this one up as I thought it was a perfect autumnal/Christmassy colour.

In different lights, it can look a sparkly black, pink, blue or green colour; sometimes when wearing it the light catches my nails in a certain way and the polish has a galaxy/space feel to it which as you may know, at the moment, is high on trend.
I would love to add more of these polishes to my collection as they have a variety of colours with a few special gems like this hidden amongst them. Unfortunately I do not live near a discount makeup shop where these are usually found however if you are looking to buy them in bulk; they can be found in TK Maxx.
Metallic Jupiter - Buy Here


  1. Loving that colour, deffo need to get my hands on it! Btw great post, loving your blog :) jut followed!

    Rushie x

    1. Yeah its such a awesome colour! Thankyou :)

  2. such a beautiful shade! :)