Wednesday, 12 September 2012

Summer Snaps

I have been debating whether to do a similar post to the "Month in Pictures" however I missed the end of June/July/August so I thought I would do my own "Summer in Pictures" inspired post.

We were told that this would be the best summer we would have; finishing exams early, therefore a longer summer to have fun and relax. Before I wrote this post I genuinely thought I hadn't done much this summer however looking back now, it turns out I really have.

 This first picture was taken on the day I took my last GCSE exam; around the 27th of June. I had seen my boyfriend in the day and then my best friend in the evening when we had a celebratory meal at Nando's.
A couple of days later tonsillitis caught the better of me and unfortunately was told I had to take 16 penicillin pills a day! I guess it was fortunate that I had tonsillitis as my prom was at the end of the week; I lost around a stone as I hadn't been eating all week meaning I was more in shape for my end of year prom.I had such a lovely time that night; getting ready, having my friends round and then the prom itself. I really enjoyed that night, defiantly a night that will stay with me forever. As soon as got home from the prom (around midnight) I had to go straight to sleep due to an early wake up the next day; i was heading to the land of fire and ice! (ICELAND)

This trip was a six day/five night trip with mine and also the year above's geography class. During the trip we were taken to various mountains, geezers and waterfalls and participated in glacier walking, white water rafting, swimming in the blue lagoon and also horse riding on Icelandic horses - surprisingly! This was the first time I had ever been abroad without my parents but also the first time I had been to Iceland; one of my hopes for the upcoming future would be to revisit this exquisite and unique wonder of the world.I had a few weeks in England after i arrived home from Iceland; most was spent spending time with my boyfriend and various friends. 

On August 1st, I was lucky enough to have gone to the London 2012 Olympics with my dad. We made a day of it; walking around the Olympic village and taking in the exhilarating atmosphere. Our tickets were to see the Men’s Final 3m Springboard diving! Our seats were pretty good; we had a great view and I loved the once in a life time experience.

A week after I flew to Arizona, America with my parents for our family holiday; i could write a whole different post explaining everything we did so i will briefly describe what we did. First off, it was the best holiday i have ever been on; i have been fortunate enough to travel a lot but Arizona absolutely blew me away! A helicopter over the Grand Canyon, Jeep Rides through Sedona and Monument Valley, a boat trip along Lake Powell and lots of lovely hot weather. I cannot justify how memorable and special it was but if you get a chance to go, GO! 

My Summer finished with a high, receiving my GCSE results; as soon as i had opened that envelope i was ecstatic! I had achieved everything that i wanted and even better, it really did make my summer! I have also been offered two part time jobs so between you and me, I’m really happy with my life at the moment :) that’s pretty much what happened this summer, how did yours go?

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  1. Great Read! Sounds like you had a pretty awesome summer! Very luckyy!